Call me Sarah Seltzer

My last drink of alcohol was 55 days ago. The last time I could say that, I was pregnant. Before that, it had been 15 or so years. Feels like I’m past due for a break.

Last year I participated in “Dry January”, admittedly more out of trendiness than for health. I had intentions to participate again this year, with more focus on health.

I wound up starting earlier than planned, when I woke up hungover on December 1st. In my experience, as one approaches their mid-30s, there is no longer such a thing as being “a little hungover”. You either don’t drink, or you’re hit by a Mack truck.

The night before, I had enjoyed several glasses of white wine, and I paid for it the next morning. My toddler was awake and ready to start his day, and I had a vice gripping my head. That morning I said, quietly – so as to not exacerbate the pounding – enough.

I snapped a photo of myself in that moment, and I journaled exactly how I felt, to look back on when temptation crept in. Truth be told, it really hasn’t.

I dove deep into the sober and sober curious communities. I read books, listened to podcasts, and started following sober influencers and the tag #soberaf on Instagram. In some eye-opening moments of reflection and complete honesty, I found myself identifying with many of the stories.

I anticipated noticing a monumental change once I hit the 50 day mark. It is somewhat of a letdown to say that I didn’t, but that does not sway my decision. I do notice that I generally feel more productive, and have been utilizing Dax’s afternoon nap time for workouts rather than napping myself. Okay, sometimes I still nap.

I have also been much hungrier for information – both in reading and listening to podcasts. I haven’t noticed much physical change, and I am still tired every dang morning, but hey. I need to practice patience. It took me a lot of years to get where I’m at, so it’s no surprise that it’ll take longer than 50 days to get where I want to be.

And.. where is that, exactly?

Healthy. Happy. Embracing wellness and.. for lack of a better term.. living my best life. Being my true and authentic self. Showing up for my husband and my son. Being a better co-worker and friend. Prioritizing and taking care of my body, because it’s the only one I’ve got. Prioritizing my mental health, because it’s the foundation of everything I’ve just mentioned.

So here I am, Sarah Seltzer. Living the Bubly and La Croix life. I’ve also recently started sampling some nonalcoholic beers. There are some really, really solid NA beers that come from Athletic Brewing Co, so tasty that even my craft brew aficionado husband really enjoys their IPA.

I’ve survived Dry December, and I’m nearing the end of Dry January. What’s next? Dare I continue on to March 11th, when I’d celebrate 100 days? Ironically, the breaking of my “Dry January” stretch last year was February 2nd, when the Kansas City Chiefs played in (and WON) the Super Bowl. Tonight, the Chiefs secured their spot in the 2021 Super Bowl.

Better have some of those NA beers ready!

I’m really not sure what my end goal is, or if I have a timeframe in mind. I just know that I don’t want any more mornings like December 1st. I know that if I keep going, there’s got to be more and more good that’ll come from this. I know I was not doing myself any favors, and that my habits were starting to spiral. I know I’ve got goals, and I’m making myself a priority. Not just for me, but for those I love.

For the life I want to live.

Simply, Sarah

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