Good ol’ Issac Newton

Remember his third law? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Here is a real life example. My action is that I’ve given up alcohol. My equal and opposite reaction, is that I’m craving and consuming an equal amount of total garbage junk food, which is having the OPPOSITE reaction I’d like to see on my waistline.

I think ol’ Issac probably intended for it to be more scientific than that, but hey. These are modern times and modern problems

Overall, Dry December has been fine. I’ve enjoyed sparkling water from a fancy wine glass for Zoom and Snap dates with socially distanced friends, I’ve tackled a handful of stressful days at work without reaching for the Bota Box when I get home, and I have started to disassociate cooking dinner with having a glass of vino.

The biggest change I’ve noticed so far, is that I’m generally feeling more motivated. Before, I absolutely could not make it through Daxton’s afternoon nap time without napping myself. Not no way, not no how. The exhaustion was real.

Now, a little over two weeks in and I’m starting to desire more productive use of that time.. most of the time. I am more motivated to workout, typically doing 20-30 minutes of strength training following a program on one of my favorite apps, Aaptiv. Then I’ll take a quick shower, and if there is still time at that point, I’ll nap. Or at least lay in bed and have some quiet time to read, journal, shop on Amazon.. okay fine. I usually shop on Amazon.

Positive changes, right?! 👏🏻

Oh, but there’s that other thing that has happened…

I have become a complete and total snack monster. I am craving the sweets, the sugar, the peppermint bark, on a whole new level. I don’t know if this is because one indulgence has been removed and now must be replaced? Or if it is because I really, really love holiday time sweets.. I suppose both are possible.

Your girl needs to get a handle on it, though.

Like you, I’m looking forward into 2021. Save us, 2021! I am going to be 35 *gasp* years old early next year, and I would love to be in a place where I start my 35th trip around the sun actively working towards my best, healthiest, happiest self.

That’s complicated though, you know? Because peppermint bark really does make me feel like I’m my happiest self…

Enough! Stay focused.

These next two weeks are big weeks. Dax turns 2 on the 21st.. stop it. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Then we roll right into the holidays, Christmas and New Years. I am in a good place right now, feeling motivated to wrap up this year. Yes. Wrap it up, tie it up real tight, attach it to a cinder block, and toss it off a pier.. what?

Anyway.. I was saying. Look ahead into next year.. what are your goals? Stay motivated. And in my case, stay dry! If I don’t swing back around until after the holidays, know that I send well wishes for health and happiness to you and yours, my handful of lovely readers out there.

Simply, Sarah.

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