Dry December

Back in January, which feels like a literal leap thru space and time after everything that has happened since then, I participated in Dry January. I took a 31-day hiatus from drinking any alcohol. Then, on February 2nd, the Kansas City Chiefs WON the Super Bowl. I celebrated with gin and tonic, and never looked back.

Here we are, having almost cycled back to another January. Once again, I got to thinking about Dry January. It’d be good for me, especially after the heightened stress of the year, to do something cleansing for my system. Start 2021 off positive.

Just not Covid positive! Ugh.. no I didn’t. I did.

Then I thought, why wait until January? Just because the hashtag #dryjanuary is so trendy? Why not do something challenging and rejuvenating. Dry December, followed by Dry January.

62 days booze free, during the booziest season, ending the booziest year. What could go wrong?

For real though. The last time I went more than 2 months without a drink, I was pregnant. And before that? It had easily been 15 years, if not longer. I hate the sound of that.

This year, rather than falling into bed dizzy on champagne after the ball drops, only to find myself waking up to a brand new year with that same headache and exhaustion, why not switch it up? Why not fall into bed full of mocktails and seltzer, and find myself waking up in 2021 feeling healthy and as rested as the parent of a toddler can feel?

So here we go. 2020, you ol’ son of a gun. You won’t get the best of me.

Cheers to all of you. Whatever you’ve got in your glass, I raise mine to you. However you end this year and start the next, I wish you health and happiness.

Simply, Sarah

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