Falling Back

Happy Halloween!

So much recent discussion centered around today. Is Halloween happening? Could it possibly be cancelled? No. But, what is the proper method of handing out candy? Is it appropriate to just throw it from the doorway as kids pass by along the sidewalk?

I’m not sure how things went down in your neighborhood, but in ours.. Halloween not just happened, it HAPPENED. It’s our first year living in this neighborhood, and we’re finding holidays to be a bit of a.. production. Like, Broadway level production.

We are pretty low key when it comes to most holidays. Our little guy is still not of age to understand or appreciate trick or treating, but he did have a costume and we did set a bowl of candy out on the front porch. Then we socially distanced ourselves inside the house, on the other side of a closed door. Have at it, kiddos!

You know what is not getting as much discussion?

Daylight Saving Time.

Did you know that it is Saving, not Savings? I was today-years-old when I learned that.

All in one short 24 hour time frame, we have Halloween, a full moon, and DST: Fall Back edition.

I had to look into this. Why.. why are we still carrying on with DST? Arizona and Hawaii don’t even acknowledge the practice. How come the rest of us can’t opt out?

Here are the basics. Ben Franklin originally came up with the idea, suggesting the clocks get “reset” to conserve energy during the summer months. The practice wasn’t actually picked up until WW1, then dropped for awhile, then picked back up during WW2 and referred to briefly as ‘War Time’. Thanks to the Uniform Time Act last updated in 1966, it has continued to be a bi-annual practice. The purpose of which, in short, is to enjoy the extra evening daylight during the warmer glorious months of Spring and Summer, ultimately conserving fuel and energy resources. Just like ol’ B.Frank had suggested.

That’s all fine and well. But what about the cold and dreary end-of-Fall and Winter months? All of a sudden we now have blinding fiery sun in our eyes during morning commute, complete darkness during our evening commute. You’ve been there.. you drift off to sleep and wake at 5 in total darkness, completely lost as to whether it is A.M. or P.M.

To top it all off, we have an extra flipping hour of 2020. UGH. I just want to be done with all of this mess, you guys. Don’t you?

For now, I’ll drown my sorrows in cheap, day-after-Halloween clearance sale fun-sized Milky Way bars.

Oh, just one more quick thing.

Tomorrow is NOVEMBER. What the…?! I don’t know, is that good? It’s crazy, but is it good? Help us Obi Wan 2021, you’re our only hope.

Simply, Sarah

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