Nap Time

Our not quite two-year-old has started giving us hell about taking his afternoon nap.

Let me tell you – once your child comes of the age where they have their own opinions, such as the opinion to skip their nap, things quickly spiral downward.

Not only is the nap essential for their growth and development, it is equally essential for the sanity of the parents. Perhaps more essential.

Today, I was able to get him down for a nap. Finally. After much struggle. A friend of mine, who has twin sons about a year older than my own, asked me to teach her my ways. She has been having similar nap time struggles.

I replied, “you basically just hold them like a human thunder jacket until they finally give up their fight and fall asleep from pure exhaustion.”

Toddler parents, are you with me? #honesty

Once they are finally asleep though, you quickly forget what a tiny demon they are, and just stare in awe at the peaceful, beautiful, incredible human you created. They are simply perfect.

Until that next nap time rolls around…

Simply, Sarah

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