Breaking Up with Facebook

It’s been awhile since I changed my Facebook relationship status. Four years, to be exact.. our fourth wedding anniversary is next Thursday. Cheers babe!

Four years ago, I changed my status from ‘engaged’ to ‘married’ and never looked back. I remember there being an option for ‘it’s complicated’. Do they still have that option?

Earlier this week, I broke up with Facebook. I did not completely delete my account, but I did write a ‘goodbye cruel world’-ish post and delete the app from my phone. So I guess you could call our current relationship.. complicated.

Here’s what made it complicated. Politics.

Politics, the fact that it is an election year – a HEATED election year – and that trolls who feel mighty behind their keyboards feel it necessary to spew their hate and force their opinions across any public space available. I can’t stand it.

What happened to Facebook being the place where we kept in touch with high school and college friends, celebrated engagements, weddings, and babies, laughed at silly memes, shared back to school photos, recipes, and the occasional selfie?

It’s all too overwhelming. 2020… YOU are too overwhelming. Trust me, if I could break up with 2020 also, I’d do it in an instant. Year deleted.

Anyway, politics.

I have my opinion and you have yours, and they have theirs. Let’s keep them like we keep our hands: to ourselves. In the mean time, I will maintain my Facebook hiatus and cast my vote when Election Day comes, because that’s what one does to truly share their opinion.

Oh! I do have some good non-political news.. it’s Fall, y’all. 🍁

Simply, Sarah

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