September is for Self-Love

September 1st.

Even though we’re still a few weeks from the first day of Fall – Autumn Equinox if you’re fancy – I feel like this is generally the day when the seasonal transition begins to take place. Pumpkin Spice Lattes for everyone!

For me, it’s not just about the seasonal transition this year. Although, we have been burning a Bath and Body Works ‘Leaves’ scented candle in the house, and I’m all about that vibe.

I am ready for a personal transformation. I’ve been saying for months years that I’m going to start taking care of myself in all aspects, and I am finally starting to believe it.

Toxic people in my life? Gotta cut those ties. At least rid myself of the negative energy they bring. Staring at my phone every unoccupied moment of the day? Social distancing from social media. Ironic, I’m typing this on my phone. Look, not cut out.. just cut back. Putting some better food in my system? Working on it. Prioritization of my husband and my son, while making sure I make time for me? Yes. Letting go of things, thoughts, and people, that do not nourish me? Check.

Operation Self-Love. ❤️

So this September, I’m still going to drink my Pumpkin Creme Cold Brews, and I’m still going to burn all the Fall candles, but I’m going to do these things will a purpose. For happiness.

I’m going to commit 3 nights a week to watching a new series on Hulu while I sweat thru my clothes on our indoor bike, because moving and sweating on that bike makes me feel awesome.

One night a week, I’m going to commit to dating my husband. Sometimes when you’re married, whether 3 years or 30, you forget to date them. Dating is the most fun part of any relationship, and a part I need to rekindle. Hopefully he wants to date me, too..

The other 3 nights, I’ll be coming home from work to snuggle my son to sleep, enjoy a glass of wine, and veg in my bed, okay? No judgment. That’s self-love, too.

September 1st, I’m ready.

Simply, Sarah

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