An Average Blog for the Average Reader

For as long as I can remember, I have carried the thought around in the back of my mind – I should write a blog.

From 2001 until 2007, I did write regularly on a then-trendy blog host called Xanga. Anyone remember that gem? For perspective, I was a sophomore in high school in 2001. My writing contained a lot of song lyrics, inside jokes between myself and the few friends who followed me, and a mixed bag of teenage angst entries that you’d expect. I enjoyed the Xanga community quite a bit, even keeping up with it through my first few years of college. Eventually, I moved on.

I’ve been wanting to start back up. One reason, I genuinely enjoy writing. Always have. Whether or not anybody else reads what I write doesn’t even matter. I enjoy having an outlet for my thoughts, and I equally enjoy going back later and reading it all again.

Another reason, blogging can be profitable. There are people out there who earn their entire living blogging! I mean, what even is that life? It’s a life I’d love, that’s for damn sure, but also one that I have absolutely no idea how to obtain. I know it doesn’t happen overnight, and I realize it takes some work. I’ve read several articles on how to write a successful blog, how to earn money with your blog, and how to become a true ‘blogger’. From my research, here’s what I’ve deduced.

In order to have a successful, profitable blog, you need to be interesting.

You need to travel interesting places, have interesting skills, or cook interesting meals. You need to have advice to offer, things to teach, or ideas to share. You can coach, host workshops, or write eBooks. Then, people out there in the world need to discover you and agree that you’re interesting. Bam! You are on your way to becoming a successful, profitable, legit blogger.

Okay, seems simple enough in theory. But here’s where I run into a problem.

I’m really not an interesting person.

Now, people may read that statement and want to pat me on the back and say “stopityesyouare.. everyone is interesting in their own way, everyone has something to offer!” No, truly. I’m being serious. I am a very average individual.

For what it’s worth, I’m super okay with being average! I am very content being average. I don’t feel like there should be anything considered wrong with being average. Average is fine, literally.

I am also of the belief that in order for some people to be interesting, some of us have to be average. Otherwise, we’d all be interesting. Then none of us would be interesting. Right? Mind blowing stuff here, you guys.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take the pressure off myself. I am going to be totally and completely okay with writing a blog that talks about average life topics, as lived and experienced by an average gal. Some posts may be more interesting (less average?) than others, but overall.. it’s okay. I am okay with writing an average blog, for the average reader. For any readers! Even for no readers.

If this sounds interesting to you? Amazing. I love it. Follow along, and I’m happy to have you.

Post one, done. I’ll be back around soon.


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